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Let’s just be who we really are

Dive into the wisdom of your own body

Radiance Gathering Deanne Hayley on the Rock Gold Coast
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What if your bliss was non-negotiable?
How differently would you show up in this life?

Take away the rituals and practices from the Radiance Gathering and infuse them into your daily life to make lasting and ecstatic change.

In every moment you have the opportunity to awaken to the fullness of your life. Your soul is cheering you on to embrace the chance to become exactly who you truly are. You are not alone. Let’s do it together.

Spend a weekend immersed in joyful & embodied activation. Trust the creative process of unfolding to your true nature of light. Step into Radiance with your soul sisters.

Let this gathering be your path back to wholeness. Get the support you deserve, caress the courage to open up to all of your divine wisdom. Trust. Embrace. Make the shift you have desired. 

Become the alchemist of your own magic. Channel grace as an expression of your personal power. 

And…shake your booty, shake up your life. Now there is a mantra to live by. Yes?!?

When was the last time you danced, moved, played without worrying about anything else other than being who you truly are?

We have a potent opportunity to embrace all parts of ourselves. Together we will reignite the 7 energy centers of the body for healing and vibrant health.

Beyond this we step out into life and channel the energy into everything we do, say and BEcome.

During this weekend of movement, creativity and self-trust we will experience what it is to truly embody ourselves.

Radiance Gathering is open to all women desiring more connection, creativity and courage in their lives. No dance experience necessary just a desire to play big.

How do I make the creativity of my spirit a place from which I reside?

The immersion activities of the Radiance Gathering are crafted for you to answer this question in your unique way. 

Grow into the next expression of yourself. Give yourself the permission & tools to thrive.

Join Hayley Hoopla, Deanne Love & a divine circle of women on a journey of ecstatic radiance and soulful play. Return to real life with a new sense of the woman you have truly become.

Is the Radiance weekend for you?

Do you desire to live your life in accordance to what you hold most true?

Yearn for reconnection with your body, your truth and fullest expression?

Ready to rip off the layers, shake up your senses and shimmy into the light?

Ready to activate areas of your life that feel switched off? Ready to live a turned on and tuned in life? Yes!

Have you felt a longing to reconnect with playfulness & your natural joy states in all areas of life?

Are you ready for a weekend of pure release and heart-centered movement to hake big shifts and lasting change?

Need to tune back into your vitality, energy & sensuality?

Radiance Gathering includes a flowing & playful weekend of...​

Moving Meditations

Fire Prop Manipulation

Oracle Card Reading

Journaling Journey

Sharing Your Truth

Sacred Sensuality

Reconnecting Rituals

Drum circle

Nurturing Foods

Courageous Creativity

Sunset Soirees

Authentic Connection

Spirited Play

Freestyle Expression

Playing Dress Ups

Dancing with the Divine

Archetype Explorations

Elixir Bar

November 23 - 25​

Day 1

Friday November 23rd
Full moon
7:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Blissful Disco: Ecstatic Embodiment
  • Elixir bar & treats included
  • Adorn yourself
  • Come to play

Day 2

Saturday November 24th
10am - 6pm

  • Morning Smoothie Bar 
  • Morning Immersion
  • Lunch Social (yummy food provided)
  • Afternoon Immersion
  • Sunset Soiree
  • Optional dinner

Day 3

Sunday November 25th
10am - 5pm

  • Morning Smoothie Bar 
  • Morning Immersion
  • Lunch Social (yummy food provided)
  • Afternoon Immersion
  • Sunset Soiree

11 Past 11 Studio Gold Coast, Australia

Why was Radiance Gathering created?

Dancing Deanne Hayley Radiance
Radiance Gathering Deanne Love and Hayley in the Sun

Over the years we recognised that every time we spent a “power weekend” together immersed in creativity, communication and dance HUGE, positive changes would manifest for us so rapidly in our work, relationships, energy levels and bodies. We realised that these gatherings were an essential part of our thriving and continued to make them a priority even when we lived in different states.

We have now created that same powerful vessel of transformation for other women to feel into the full sense of their own wisdom surrounded by radiant beings and radical rituals of playful expression (even if that feels a little out of their comfort zone).

Allowing yourself time to dance, move, play, connect and be your authentic self are essential practices. Practices that often get pushed to the bottom of the long list of life’s to-dos.

Not anymore.

To recognise the beauty in another sister is to also witness it within yourself and this is where deep compassion and self-love resides.

Collectively, when we have the opportunities to dance with the divine in the souls of other women we heal wounds deeper than we could have ever imagined. 

Note from Deanne about Hayley…

A wildly talented movement leader, costume creator & performer; I am stunned over & over by the poise, strength & lioness-heart Hayley brings to everything she does. What I love most about Hayley is her joy-filled feminine spark that sees the wonder in so much of the world and her powerful insights as a movement teacher & performer. 

Hayley finds magic in the things other people would miss; because she recognizes the beauty of the Universe inside her and shares that with the world.

When I met Hayley it was love at first sight. We have been lovers of the divine in each other from that moment. Together we have birthed some of our greatest passion projects, and we continue to grow together. Nurturing creative and playful spirit in each other has been one of the greatest journeys and joys of our sisterhood. I want that for you too. For you first of all to recognize the divine within yourself, embody it and embrace Her, and then to have your sisters witness your awakening to this beauty.

Note from Hayley about Deanne Love…

Deanne Love is a powerful hoop dancer, intuitive coach, captivating speaker, motivational groover, inspirational writer & creative genius.

Her global following is a result of her bright shining, quirky personality and grace. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Deanne is a humble and wise soul with a grounded nurturing presence.

She has enabled me to listen & dance with the flow of life and has shown me that there is strength and freedom to leap without fear into states of play and intuition.

The pure and honest way in which Deanne lives her life is a reminder for me to trust my dreams and to follow my heart. I’m excited to be collaborating with Deanne, to share such empowering work with the world and to create a unique, up-close and personal weekend of blissful offerings with all women alike.

Let’s dance.


Most frequent questions and answers

It is an intimate gathering and we will have no more than 30 women. This gives us all space to connect and have time to share with each other.

Oh this is so perfectly divine. This is exactly why we have created this gathering. For you. You will be guided to express yourself in ways that feel right for you. You will surprise yourself with how much you open up your body and soul over the weekend.

We (Hayley and Deanne) are spirited and playful leaders. We are here to support you and guide you. You are supported to express and explore.

There is a full range of activities for you to experience and none of them require you to be a dancer. We ask you to move through the weekend with a sense of curiosity and take it step by step. You are supported.

The beautiful 11 Past 11 Studio Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast. It is close to the M1 Highway and 10 mins from the Gold Coast Airport

No, but there a many styles of accommodation very close by. You might even like to get a group Airbnb with some of the other sisters. Please let us know if you need recommendations.

Please note there are no refunds but you can transfer to another sister 7 days prior to the event.

Friday, Sat & Sunday activities. Elixir Bar on Friday night, smoothie bar Sat & Sun, Lunch Sat & Sun. All props, activities, equipment and guidance.

 Journal, pen, Yoga mat, water bottle to refill, your open heart, a readiness to play and enjoy.

Early bird tickets are available until October 20 for $390AUD and then Radiance Gathering will be $444 AUD until November 23

Super affordable for the divinely packed 3-day experience.

Transformation. A weekend of moving beyond your current comfort zone and limitations. Activities will range from relaxing to highly spirited. You do not need any dance or movement experience. We (Hayley and Deanne) will guide you through each activity and you will be fully supported.  We have been movement leaders and group facilitators for decades, our focus is to provide nurturing, playful, creative experiences for you to explore in your own way. 

You will be invited to explore energy shifting, freestyle movement, voice activation, fire prop manipulation, belly dance play, conscious journaling and more.

You will have time to connect and integrate everything during the morning smoothie bars, lunchtime social and sunset soirees. Connection and communication with your sisters is empowering and liberating so we have crafted the schedule to allow for that.

Your most feel-good clothes. 

Adorn yourself in your most fabulous, flowing or funky attire for the Friday night Blissful Disco. Be who you truly are. Dress up and come to dance and play.

During the Sat & Sunday immersion times we will be exploring movement and play so wear something that allows you to move freely and be comfortable but still shine your fullest expression.

For the fire circle we ask that you wear only cotton fabrics for safety reasons. 

You may also want to bring something special to wear for the Sat night dinner (this is optional) 

Shine your light sister. No holding back. What do you feel best in? 


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